Entomology conducts research, research training and graduate education on the world’s insects–their global diversity, evolution, geography, genomics, morphology, conservation, ecology and behavior. These studies are grounded in research collections of almost 5 million specimens and their associated data. Major research areas in Entomology are chrysomelid beetles, water beetles, bees, and fossil insects.

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Graduate Student Successes

  Sofia Muñoz (MA student, mentor Chaboo), is one of 20 students in the U.S. selected to participate (fully funded) in a NSF-funded Thematic Collections Network Short Course on Biological...

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A Jaguar makes the best birthday present!

Timo Förster, an undergraduate from the University of Greiswald, Germany, is conducting a research internship with me, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). We developed a...

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Entomology at a Glance

Established: 1870
Collection Strengths: 4.7 million specimens
Research Strengths:
Global bee diversity, fossil insects and Midwestern, Mexican, and tropical insects.
Curator in Charge:
Michael Engel 785.864.2319
Caroline Chaboo 785.864.5173
Andrew Short 785.864.2323
Collection Manager(s):
Zachary Falin 785.864.3034
Jennifer Thomas 785.864.2234